Erotic massage for couple in Madrid

Tantric massage for men and women in Madrid

Routine is the main enemy that couples have to face, not only because the relationship becomes boring, but it even makes something pleasant like sex become monotonous, sometimes frustrating and sometimes depressive. Although not all couples are bad, all at some point we have suffered that routine that is difficult to remedy. One solution that many people forget is a couple massage treatment.

What better weapon to combat boredom than to use the sexual fire of the couple. As it happens in a bonfire, where there were ashes, sparks remain. This spark or passion must be activated and ignited from time to time so that it does not disappear.

As with flowers that need to be watered, the same thing happens with couples. Everyone needs attention from time to time and what better way to connect than through erotic massages.

What are erotic massages and how do they work?

The world of tantric massage is very broad and although many people think it ends with penetration and sex, it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, in an oriental sexual practice such as tantra, the key is to stretch as long as possible without penetration.

For this reason, and to understand what erotic massages are, we are going to talk a little about their benefits and characteristics.

There are whole body erotic massages, sensitive massages with a special atmosphere or atmosphere, tantric massages, couple massages and Thai massages.

The one that better adapts is usually a combination of techniques of the previous ones since many repeat movements.

The atmosphere plays a fundamental role

The key is to work in ascending mode and go from less to more. For that reason, it is usual to work from the feet to the head to two hands. Circular techniques in the form of massage combined with a pre-treatment of hot oil are often used to stimulate the environment and relax the body.

Of course, just as in this type of sessions the environment and atmosphere play a major role. In case a couple decides to practice it, it is recommended that they choose a closed room, semi-soft and with cushions, a mattress or stretcher where they can rest and be comfortable.

An option for the affectionate people are the sensitive massages in which one plays with smells, perfumes, music and soft movements in the body. One technique that works with almost all couples is tantra.

There are tantric masseurs for couples who teach basic notions to those members who later want to give the same treatment to their partner.

There is also the option of initiation for less daring couples with initiation classes.

The characteristics of erotic massages vary slightly from one technique to another. Although erotic massages are conceived as a declaration of sexual intentions, this is not always the case. The end is marked by us, the rhythm by the male massager or masseurs.

Therefore, the technique is not so important as long as we relax and enjoy the moment.

Erotic massages for couples in Madrid, how can they help in a relationship?

More than talking about massages, the first thing is to understand how the couple works. And it is not the same a couple without children and who has been married for a few years than another with children and decades behind their backs.

In the first one the problem is a lack of passion and in the second one it is perhaps an excess of monotony. In any case it is necessary to understand the type of couple to choose the method or massage that best suits us.

In any case the decision must be taken jointly, or it can also be a surprise, however, it is better to make sure that the other party will like it.

Erotic massages are an opportunity for reconciliation with ourselves and our partner. In one session we can learn more about our body and that of our partner than we thought.

The same thing happens with the mind. Maybe we are not aware of a reaction until we see it live. In addition, the relaxation that is achieved in the moment connects with the other party and stimulates sexual desire.

Stimulation grows and communication emerges in a moment of passion. But it doesn’t only happen in the session, but also later, when we talk about what happened, it helps to improve the couple.Madrid, the best place for tantra

If there is one thing that makes the people of Madrid stand out, it is their adventurous spirit, as they are always open to new experiences. The capital of Spain is the perfect place to find the best tantric masseurs for couples and experience the joy and pleasure that an nuru massage provides.

Do you have sexual problems with your partner and live in Madrid? Couple massages are the answer to your problems.

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